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How does it work ?

Livetracker has partnered with RSA SafeTrx to bring you SafeTrx Flotilla.

The Flotilla feature is an addon feature to the free to use smart phone app RSA SafeTrx.  Together they enable an event organiser to track event participants in real time via their smart phones. No additional hardware is required which means very low cost.

RSA SafeTrx is free to use smart phone app that tracks your location when out on the water. In an emergency, the app notifies the NSRI who are able to pin point your location. The app takes the search out of search and rescue.  

How is this different?


The Flotilla feature is a part of the RSA SafeTrx app. This means it is fully integrated with the NSRI.

For the 1st time, race organisers and race safety can monitor a race live online via an online system that is fully integrated with the NSRI and Search and Rescue. In the event of an emergency, 1st responders from race rescue and the NSRI can work together to effect a well co-ordinated response. 

In addition, spectators are able to watch online and catch every second of the action. They can monitor race leaders, their loved one's progress or just know when to be at the finish to collect!

Livetracker benefits

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    Anytime, anyplace viewing
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    Public or private tracking website
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    Full integration with search and rescue
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    Geo fenced alerts
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    Requires only a smart phone, no other hardware
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    Radically more affordable than dedicated hardware trackers

Why Choose Us?

Desktop or mobile

View tracking data via any device with an internet browser. View the event as it happens. Replay the event anytime forever. 

NSRI integration

Integrated with NSRI. This means no duplicate systems, improved co-ordination between race rescue and the NSRI.

Cost affective

Leverages participants own smart phone so no additional hardware costs. Variable billing models to suit event needs.

Greater online event engagement

An online tracker means anyone with an online device is a potential viewer of your event. Enrich your social media coverage.

Further enhance event safety

Water sports are inherently risky. Reduce your liability with an additional layer of safety provided by live tracking.

Increased Sponsor Exposure

Attract and enhance sponsorship value by offering your sponsor a greater audience reach via online views. 

What Our Customers Have to Say

“SafeTrx and Flotilla added a whole new component to our race. Most of our race happens out of sight. Flotilla enabled us to display the race on big screen at race HQ. This really drew shore side spectators into the event as they could watch the race unfold. Our sponsors loved it as it opened a whole new online audience for their brand.”

Robin Tindall

The Freedom Paddle 

“The Kzn north coast is a dream downwind destination with warm water and no winter to speak of. The challenging surf conditions make running events covering numerous zones hard work. Flotilla feeds race organisers real time information on the location of the field, aiding in the positioning of our water safety crew which is a valuable asset to extreme watersports like downwind surfski paddling. ”

Ballito Downwind

KZN Singles Surfski Champs

“Our 4 day race is held on perhaps the wildest and most remote coastline in South Africa. On day 2 of the 2018 race a paddler lost their ski and was left swimming 2km out to sea. Flotilla assisted the situation and helped us to rescue the paddler in minutes. The human and financial saving was immeasurable.”

Bulla Wood

PE2EL Surfski Challenge

“Losing my surfski 2 km out to sea was a frightening experience. SafeTrx played a vital role in my rescue. Using Safetrx meant my rescuers knew my exact position. It took the search out of rescue. Seeing the rescue boat coming straight towards me was an incredible feeling. ”

Tim Fey

Surfski paddler and extreme endurance athlete

Livetracker with SafeTrx and Flotilla can track

  • Inshore yacht and dinghy racing
  • Surfski Paddling
  • Fishing events
  • Adventure racing
  • Fishing fleets
  • Coastal running and orienteering

Safetrx only requires a GPS enabled smartphone and 2G cell phone signal to provide detailed, live, NSRI integrated tracking.


Call us: 084 513 4796

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